SquareMeeting allows you to create your own animation formats by choosing an unfolding, timing by step, roles and features.

ViTi offers also a library of models, the two most widely used of which are E-Codev and OGOP.

Here are some highlights of the recent years

The ViTi team

Jean-Baptiste Latour alias "The founder"

When Jean-Baptiste created ViTi, he dreamed of a team to carry with him the project that animated him: to give everyone a space to be themselves, including from a distance when the setting is not always the most favorable to human bond and trust.

He infuses the tool with his years of experience as a consultant and coach so that SquareMeeting can represent this virtual space of freedom and gives teams the means to trust each other to collaborate well remotely.

Carine Eynard alias "The Co-founder"

Carine joined forces with Jean-Baptiste to found ViTi after an HR career in a large international group. In her experience, she says: “I have never been so close to one of my managers who was on the other side of the ocean. It showed me that with the right methods, the distance is not a brake and that, on the contrary, it can even strengthen ties! “

Today, Carine puts her skills as a consultant and coach at the service of ViTi’s support programs. Her activities enchant with her presence and her kindness.

Olga d'Albenas alias "The CEO"

Olga joined ViTi after a research course in sociology at Sciences Po Paris. She likes to be able to “connect” from the four corners of France to reconcile professional and personal dreams.

CEO since November 2019, she is above all passionate about co-development and transmitting her vision of the power of this method to those she trains to use it face-to-face … or remotely. You will find her during the demo sessions that she leads every week.

Sébastien Saint-Sevin alias "The Developer"

Sébastien is our outstanding developer. After 15 years in startups he joined the ViTi adventure, delighted to be able to work from home where he can store his six computers in the same room !!! … and between two lines of code go and cultivate his orchard! For him, remote work is the promise of a more balanced life.

For the rest of the team, he epitomizes safety and reliability. Working on the continuous development of SquareMeeting, he remains available at all times to support the rest of the team!

Magali Vives alias "The Head of International Development"

Magali officially joined ViTi in 2021 but she has been contributing to the adventure since 2016, just after she came back from the US. Her role is to develop ViTi internationally: “Spreading codevelopment was one of my dreams. Why? Because aside from being a powerful business tool, codevelopment conveys values which -I believe- are essential for the world: open-mindedness, benevolence, trust.”

Magali brings her background as international Change management & Leadership development Consultant and Coach.

Laure Robert alias "The Sales Manager"

After 5 years in the world of publishing in marketing and sales and a year in London as Marketing Manager in a Saas startup, Laure joined ViTi to participate in its commercial development.

Based in Amsterdam, she is used to teleworking and long distances. She is delighted to be part of a team that believes in working remotely … but is always very keen to meet face-to-face.

Carole Feuga alias "The Support Expert"

New to the team, Carole has always worked in a team or in pairs, so she is delighted to live this experience with ViTi, and moreover by teleworking!

Administrative, commercial and management assistant for more than 20 years.
She lives a passionate profession …
10 years in the service of a large French hotel group, then 10 years in motorsport at national and international events, and for 4 years has been dedicated to VSEs and SMEs.

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