SquareMeeting allows you to create your own formats by choosing a process, a time limit
per stage, roles and features.

ViTi also has a library of models, the two most commonly used at present being e-Codev® and GOPO.

A few key moments from the last few years

The ViTi team

Jean-Baptiste Latour, aka “the Founder”

When Jean-Baptiste founded ViTi, he dreamed of having a team which would work with him
on the project he was so passionate about: giving everyone a space to be themselves, even
when working remotely, something which doesn’t always encourage personal relationships
and a sense of trust.
He has drawn on his years of experience as a consultant and coach to ensure that
SquareMeeting provides this virtual “safe space” and gives teams the opportunity to develop
trust in one another and improve their working relationships remotely.

Carine Eynard, aka “the Co-Founder”

Carine joined forces with Jean-Baptiste to found ViTi after working in HR for a major
international group. She recounts her experience: “I had never been closer to one of my
managers, despite the fact that he lived on the other side of the world. It showed me that

with the right methods, distance isn’t an obstacle; on the contrary, it can even strengthen
relationships! ” 
Today, Carine uses her skills as a consultant and a coach to lead ViTi’s coaching programmes.
She’s renowned for her kindly presence.

Olga d’Albenas, aka “the CEO”

Olga joined ViTi after working as a researcher in sociology at Sciences Po Paris. She likes to
be able to “connect” from across France to reconcile professional and personal aspirations. 
She became the company’s CEO in November 2019. She is passionate about co-development
and sharing her insights into this powerful method with the people she trains in person and
remotely. You’ll find her leading our introductory sessions every week.

Sébastien Saint-Sevin, aka “the CTO”

Sébastien is our outstanding developer. After 15 years working for start-ups, he joined ViTi
and is thrilled that he can work from home, where he keeps his six computers in the same
room, and, when he’s not coding, where he likes to work on his orchard! He sees remote
working as a way to enjoy a more balanced life. 
The rest of the team sees him as a reliable, safe pair of hands. Focusing on the ongoing
development of SquareMeeting, he’s always available to help the rest of the team!

Magali Vives, aka “the Head of International Development”

Magali officially joined ViTi in 2021 but she’s been involved with the company since 2016,
just after returning from the United States. She is responsible for ViTi’s international
development: “I dreamed of promoting co-development. Why? Because in addition to being
a powerful business tool, co-development promotes values which, in my opinion, are
essential: open-mindedness, kindliness, trust.”
Magali uses her experience as an international consultant and coach for change
management and leadership development.

Joackim Brigout-Cavaud, aka “the Web Developer”

I’ve always been a developer, long before it became my job. I code for pleasure, I love board
games and long walks in the great outdoors (working from home is no excuse to stay stuck
indoors!). I joined ViTi because of its ambitious plans and its talented, welcoming team. I’ve
got to go now and battle with my code, but don’t worry, that’s the paradox of being a

Carole Feuga, aka “the Support Expert”

A recent addition to the team, Carole has always worked in teams or pairs, so she’s delighted
about her role with ViTi and, what’s more, the ability to work from home!
She has worked as an administrative, sales and management assistant for over 20 years. 
She has a passion for her work…
She spent 10 years working for a major French hotel group, before spending 10 years
working in national and international motor sport events and has dedicated the last 4 years
to small and medium-sized businesses.

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