Animating remotely has never been so easy and efficient

The application and educational suite for coaches. 

You are expert in facilitation and in Team coaching, 

We are experts in the remote facilitation. 

Discover SquareMeeting, our remote animation solution. 


A solution easy to learn and use for the facilitator and easy to understand for the participants. 


Features allowing efficient and collaborative exchanges. 


The animation sessions are structured thanks to the stages built upstream by the facilitator with titles, sub-stages, time limit and features. 


Time saving

Save time by animating your sessions remotely. 

Reinforced listening 

No camera, the participants are attentive and are more easy to confide themselves.


A technical support 5/7 days and a marketing assistance to help you in your remote animations. 

ViTi is also a network of 400+ partners which facilitates remote sessions globally.

You are a company ? 

They trust us

“Thanks to you, my team (including myself) has made a leap forward in the quality of the services offered to our users. We were able to meet the needs during the confinement period, by setting up a program of ‘discussions on remote management”

Fabienne, supervisor of managerial development, Pôle Emploi Hauts de France

“The facilitation is codified and ‘timed’, the satisfaction of the participants is complete, the client leaves with very concrete elements applicable immediately, not to mention the mirror effect experienced by the consultants”

Solange, independent coach

“The codev is like running, it is difficult to motivate yourself for a run but how the satisfaction after ! As a facilitator my greatest joy is when at the end of the session the participants thank each other and are impressed by the group effect. “

Hélène, Supervisor of Institutional and HR Innovation Partnerships, AKTO