Facilitating remotely within an educational meeting platform

To address organisational change, ViTi has developed SquareMeeting©, a facilitating platform to enhance the experience of digital team coaching and training

Various training and team coaching templates

On SquareMeeting, find various templates such as codevelopment or design thinking … and build your own by following our step-by-step guide. 

Our online system helps the facilitator to ask himself the right questions regarding the specificity of online interaction.

A field expertise on collaboration approaches.

Remote trainings and team coaching, virtual management, … 

ViTi helps you adopt the new uses for efficient and confidence-oriented ways of collaborating. 


Our platform SquareMeeting ©


A template for previously trained codevelopment animators (Payette et Champagne). 

Designed to strenghten change management programs or to anchor knowledge through a facilitation addressing real day-t-day issues for managers or any peer group. 

Process Optimization

Our Process Optimization template helps expert groups address issues related to their expertise field : How to optimize operating modes or operational process.

This templates therefore facilitates the synchronisation of practices and action plans. 

Templates on demand

You want to learn how to digitalize your trainings or team coaching ?

Follow our training to use SquareMeeting and leverage the collective dynamic and group involvement from afar. 

You rely on ViTi-Coaching

Our great team, based in Paris, London, Nantes, Toulouse and Amsterdam relies on the collaborative tools we promote : quality and diversity of collective time and face to face interactions when we have the opportunity to synchronize and align our vision. 

Our Cross-disciplinary team would love to meet you !