What is a professional codevelopment group ?

The « Professional Codevelopment Group » is a method created in the 90s in Canada, by two professionals, Claude Champagne and Adrien Payette. This method is used by professionals to facilitate groups of peers, usually 4 to 8 professionals who share a same job or concerns, without having any hierarchical relationship.

Usually, a codevelopment session takes around 90 minutes and is dedicated to a professional situation experienced and shared by one of the participants. The goal of such sessions is to develop the participants individual practices, through experience sharing and collective work on actual business situations.



Indeed, with training and practice, the facilitator can identify the following pitfalls: 1.
Presenting a “fake” subject for fear of opening up to others, 2. Presenting a subject which is not actually actionable, 3. Presenting a subject which the participant doesn’t actually want the group to help with or act on, 4. Presenting a subject which cannot be addressed because it provokes too much emotion, etc.