What is a professional codevelopment group?

The « Professional Codevelopment Group » is a method created in the 90s in Canada, by two professionals, Claude Champagne and Adrien Payette. This method is used by professionals to facilitate groups of peers, usually 4 to 8 professionals who share a same job or concerns, without having any hierarchical relationship. Usually, a codevelopment session takes

Free up remote meetings

THE WAYS TO FREEDOM IN remote meetings Despite technical progress, we still end up preferring face to face over distance. Is it wasted effort to try to reproduce the content of the “face-to-face”? At ViTi, we have decided not to try to reproduce face-to-face in our remote facilitation solution. We offer another experience. Find out

Our solution: SquareMeeting

You know ViTi-Coaching for its online codevelopment platform SquareMeeting. Indeed, it was through codevelopment that in 2015 we set sail. In 2017, on the strength of an initial two-year experience, we developed the uses of our platform. Today we are aware of the stake represented by the quality of remote exchanges and this depends largely

E-codev to replace virtual classes

Why is distance co-development a powerful alternative to virtual classrooms? To learn is to learn to act, not just to understand. A training begins when the theoretical transfer of knowledge ends and its practical application in reality becomes effective. The anchoring of the theoretical contributions of training in practice is the key performance indicator of

New features on SquareMeeting

Dear SquareMeeting users: Based on your requests and feedback, we have been working in recent months to improve your animation experience on SquareMeeting. You can now go discover the new features and give us your opinion! FEATURES DURING THE SESSION Assignment of “roles” Scribe, facilitator, client, participant, … assign a role to each participant to

In praise of the instruction

For facilitators of collective intelligence, and in particular facilitators of Professional Codevelopment Groups Setting the framework, defining the rules of the game and of the group, this is the basics of the facilitator. Let us measure to what extent the instruction and its understanding by all are vectors of success in achieving goals in a