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How does it work ?

Your journey with ViTi

Extract of the steps of an E-codev session on SquareMeeting. 

The choice of the subject

Each participant presents, in the confidentiality and non-judgment of the group, a situation on which he wishes to obtain the help of the group. This is a real and unresolved situation on which the participant can act.

The group chooses a topic to cover during the session from among all the topics presented.

The exploration of the situation

The person whose subject is chosen presents the situation without being interrupted. Participants listen without intervening at first and then clarify for themselves and the client, asking questions of comprehension. No solution at this stage which forces the group to understand before wanting to intervene.

The request and its reformulation

The questioning phase allows the client of the session to specify his request. Each reformulates what he understands of this request. The group agrees on a session contract and enters a contribution phase.

For who ?

You are a coach, consultant, HR and you want to facilitate remote codevelopment thanks to our simple, efficient and structured solution ? 

Join our network and use SquareMeeting.

Why choosing SquareMeeting ?


A solution easy to learn and use for the facilitator and easy to understand for the participants. 


Features allowing efficient and collaborative exchanges. 


The animation sessions are structured thanks to the stages built upstream by the facilitator with titles, sub-stages, time limit and features. 


Time saving

Save time by animating your sessions remotely. 

Reinforced listening 

No camera, the participants are attentive and are more easy to confide themselves.


A technical support 5/7 days and a marketing assistance to help you in your remote animations. 

Discover the E-Codev in joining a demo session.

The session takes place remotely over 1h30. You will need a computer connected to the internet on chrome preferably.

The demo session is a real codevelopment session. Each participant connects with a real problem to be dealt with: project, problem or concern.

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