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Introductory session

These are the places where codevelopment has already been experimented (face-to-face or online) -to our knowledge.

Dark red pins = initial inventory, July 2021.

Bright red pins = inventory update, Nov. 2021.

Yellow pins = update Dec. 2021

How does it work ?

Your experience with ViTi

An example of how an e-Codev® session is conducted with SquareMeeting

Choosing a subject

Each member of the group indicates the skill which he or she wants to work on throughout the session

Exploring the situation

The person whose subject is chosen explains the situation, without being interrupted. The participants listen without saying anything, then clarify the situation for themselves and the
client by asking questions to improve their understanding. There’s no solution at this stage; this forces the group to understand before intervening.

Making and reformulating a request

The questioning stage enables the client to specify their request. Every participant reformulates their understanding of this request.  The group agrees on a session contract and enters an input phase.

For whom ?

Are you a coach, consultant or HR professional who wants to organise remote co-development sessions using a simple, effective and structured tool?

Join our network and use SquareMeeting.

Why choosing SquareMeeting ?


A solution which is easy to use and understand, both for co-development facilitators and


Various features ensure efficient and collaborative interaction.


The sessions are structured: the various stages are prepared beforehand by the facilitator
with titles, sub-stages, time limits and features.

Time saving

Save time by organising remote sessions.


There’s no video, so participants are more receptive and open up more easily.


Technical support is available 5 days a week, along with sales support to help you with your
remote sessions.

Find out more about e-Codev® by joining an introductory session

The remote session lasts 1.5 hours. You will need a computer with access to the Internet,
ideally using the Chrome browser.

The introductory session is a real co-development session. Every participant attends with a real issue to address: a project, a problem or a concern.