THE WAYS TO FREEDOM IN remote meetings

Despite technical progress, we still end up preferring face to face over distance. Is it wasted effort to try to reproduce the content of the “face-to-face”?

At ViTi, we have decided not to try to reproduce face-to-face in our remote facilitation solution. We offer another experience. Find out in this article what made us love distance and why.

Working remotely: opportunity or difficulty?

The influence of diversity

 Working remotely: almost a new institution, which infuses all circles, including artistic circles! Twice Grammy Award-winning DJ Steve Aoki believes that distance allows for a rich creative space because it leverages the diversity of each other’s inspirations as they connect.

Distance gives the possibility to create at any time, when inspiration comes, and to multiply the richness of influences.

Each from different places increases the field of creativity by coupling different environments that will allow a more varied inspiration.

Contribute according to one’s abilities and environment

In a meeting, it’s a bit the same. Our working environment influences our way of thinking. This is why companies dedicate themselves to the (re) organization of workspaces.

This is what happens when a team finds itself remotely on a meeting platform to work. The respective environment of each of the participants allows for a diversity of paradigms and points of view which enriches the reflection. On condition of embracing this diversity!

Instead of trying to erase the distance, why not taking advantage of it?

We can thus try to ask participants to connect from a green space, cozy lounge, hotel lobby. Provided that the sound quality is there of course, to avoid extraneous noise that distracts the team.

I work three days a week from Normandy. My team and my clients often hear the seagulls! The blue of the sea that I see in the distance increases my concentration. I can see the difference with the meetings I do in Paris, from our anthill nursery.

I remember facilitating a distance co-development group session in which one of the participants in Mexico got up in the middle of the night to participate. Despite the certain fatigue, we felt that his more serene and “offbeat” energy made a strong contribution to the content of the session.

How SquareMeeting is transforming the experience of distance?

On our remote meeting platform, we encourage this consideration of diversity. One of the methods allows you to locate yourself geographically and share your current mood with the group. We focus on the multicultural and on the variety of influences rather than silencing them.

This method, used at the start of the session, allows everyone to imagine the environment of the other participants and to welcome this diversity as an asset for the quality of the result. It goes through the awareness of the diversity of environment and state of mind of each of the participants.

The interface focuses the group on listening, intuition and concentration which take place through the configuration of the virtual room and the regulation of exchanges.

For those who work on SquareMeeting in collective coaching or in team meetings, the experience is unprecedented. “In fact, it cannot be compared,” says Sophie, team coach for the past fifteen years, “it allows something else, another form of listening and working in collective intelligence. I am very pleasantly surprised ”.

And you ? What are your experiences of meeting or working remotely? Have you noticed that the plurality of working environments could have a positive aspect? What is your best memory of collective time at a distance and why?

Share your experiences with us!

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