Dear SquareMeeting users: Based on your requests and feedback, we have been working in recent months to improve your animation experience on SquareMeeting. You can now go discover the new features and give us your opinion!


Assignment of “roles”

Scribe, facilitator, client, participant, … assign a role to each participant to engage and create readability.

In a codevelopment session, give a privileged place to the client and focus the group’s attention on the latter, distinguishing them from the participants by a yellow border.

The facilitator is visible by the green border. Symbolically, we perceive that he is different from the other participants. The color of its border is the same as that of the microphone: this indicates that it has a regulatory function for the group, which gives it authority.

The assignment of roles is a visible reminder to everyone of what is expected of them and what they can expect from others.

How to do it? Click on “the role you want to assign” at the bottom left to see the list of participants appear and assign the role to the desired person.


Assign a meeting objective


To put all participants on the same page, post a meeting goal. In codevelopment, for example: “supporting a participant in solving a problematic situation”.

During a meeting, you can change the purpose of the meeting. In co-development, this is an opportunity to highlight the chosen subject as well as after the contract, the customer’s request to focus the group’s attention on these elements.

How to do it? Click on the square at the top left to give a title (for example in co-development “subject of” first name “”) and a content (for example the subject of the customer as he wrote it). Then validate and repeat as many times as necessary, if the objective of the meeting changes or if the focus of the group must shift from one point of the discussion to another.

Our sources of inspiration …

If you would like to be inspired by one of our chosen quotes, do not assign a goal to the meeting. The application randomly offers you an anthology of quotes. You will tell us which are your favorites!

The goal is to foster a state of focus and mental presence for the group that an inspirational quote can help create.

Back office features


Refine your meeting details

As soon as your meeting is created, you can display a goal that will be visible to everyone, before the meeting and during. This allows everyone to project and align with the expectations of this session.

If you choose not to indicate a goal, the app randomly displays quotes.

No need to enter the end time of your meeting! Indicate only the expected duration. Of course, you can stay longer in a meeting if it is prolonged.

History of past meetings

Consult the history of your past meetings and measure the progress of the group through the session reports kept and other indicators that you can compare: list of participants, date and time, agenda, …

Filter by group to find all the meetings of the same group, or by model to find all the meetings classified by category (codev, gopo, your own animation models …)

Details of past meetings

To find the details of a past meeting, click on the meeting whose history you want to view.

Find the details of this meeting, the agenda, the meeting report and any documents you shared that day.

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