OGOP: What is it ?

OGOP: Optimization Group of Operational Processes

An animation format designed for communities of experts or teams who wish to improve their operational processes and find concrete actions that meet their daily challenges. 

For who ?

For communities of experts who wish to deepen technical or unrelated topics and issues in their area of expertise.

How does it work ?

1. The team chooses a theme or a thematic course divided into several sessions.

2. Everyone shares their point of view on the theme of the day: how they are affected, how an improvement is necessary.

3. A promoter is selected because he proposes solutions or because his angle of approach will make it possible to tackle the theme more in depth.

4. The project owner shares his vision and is then challenged by the group: we try to sweep all the fields of issues related to this theme. To take action, each reformulates a question related to the subject.

5. Then a scribe is appointed and takes down all the suggestions made by the group.

The facilitator ensures that each solution is as precise as possible and action-oriented.

6. The group rereads, prioritizes and orders the proposals.

In the next session, we assess the progress of the actions that have been decided.

Case example

ViTi has been running for two years the safety and prevention network on this subject for the SNCF and its partners. 

Session excerpt: How to improve prevention on construction sites?

The selected project owner approaches the subject from the angle of accessibility of communication around the subject of prevention.

Among the operational questions following the discussion phase, we find: How to facilitate the integration of prevention instructions by the various actors on the site, including those who do not speak French perfectly or cannot read French well? How to equip managers and foremen on pedagogy so that their transmission is facilitated? How to promote feedback from near misses without feeling guilty?

“I have been running an inter-company network on the theme of prevention for more than two years. This network is widely acclaimed by the protagonists thanks to the quality of SquareMeeting which favors listening, everyone can intervene when they wish and the sessions of work are of short duration (2 hours). The animation allows to collect many ideas that each one can then use at his level in his own structure. “

Sylvain, Head of Risks department – SNCF