1. Discover

A free session of remote Codevelopment to experience the E-Codev ©

Our contribution: nothing is better than the experiment to have an idea of what is the remote codevelopment.

Our weekly demo in inter-enterprise will allow you to discover the strength of the E-Codev.  ©

2. Training

Do you need to integrate a remote modality to your interventions ? 

Join one of the training:

  • Training in the animation of professional codevelopment groups 
  • Training in the animation of remote codevelopment 

Do you want to propose online codevelopment to your team?


Notre conviction : c’est par la pratique et le partage entre pairs que l’on progresse ! 

Chaque semaine, ViTi supervise les “lundis de pratique” animés par l’un des facilitateurs formés. 

L’objectif : pratiquer, continuer à se questionner et à apprendre ensemble, recevoir du feedback, aborder des situations d’animation complexes. 

Public : animateurs de codéveloppement internes ou externes aux entreprises (consultants) qui souhaitent continuer à approfondir leur pratique au contact d’un groupe de pairs à distance. 


The animation team


Olga D’ALBENAS is passionnate about the codevelopment and its new uses in the digital era since she joined ViTi as an associate. 

Certified animator and codevelopment, E-Codev and remote facilitation methodologies trainor, she has a background of sociology research to make the collective intelligence for the benefits of the business transformation. 

Carine EYNARD, certified coach, specialised in the  collective intelligence, has spent 15 years within HR teams in big groups to support the development of talents and transformations. 

Co-fonder of ViTi, nowadays she brings her passion to the support of collective members for the benefits of new ways of working in the digital era.  

A community of partners

Our team of authorised E-Codev © partners. 

To meet the challenges of major transformation projects, ViTi relies on a network of about thirty partners among the 300 trained in E-Codev. 

Our reference framework validates the quality of their practice and of their skills in animation of remote codevelopment and allows us to intervene quickly in your organisations of any size.

The Training

Animate the remote codevelopment

Target: coachs, consultants, change advisors, already trained in the face-to-face animation of codevelopment groups.

Goals : to control the big differences of the face-to-face codevelopment and the remote one. 

To implement sustainable and impactful approaches. 

To support the attendees to the digital, to the tool and to the good pratices when you are working remotly. 

To work on its posture of remote animator and to develop new skills. 

Duration: 1 day in face-to-face + 2 sessions of 2h remotly as a facilitator  

Animate professional codevelopment groups

The professional codevelopment, as it was thought by Claude Champagne and Adrien Payette, allows to deepen and improve the professional practice by peers and a methodology of collective intelligence. 

To apply the steps of the method isn’t enough to be a good facilitator and animate a group in a qualitative and professional way.

Our training allows to master the steps in the process: 

  1. Presentation of the subject
  2. Clarification 
  3. Request and Contract
  4. Consultation
  5. Learnings
  6. Feedback 

It also allows to prepare to the practice of complex cases to ensure an adapted, effective and secure animation.

Target: Coachs, consultants, change advisors eager to animate with new skills and to develop an over-time new practice.

Duration : 3,5 days in face-to-face + 6 remote sessions of  2h followed by  supervision sessions.