A platform of collaborative meetings offering another experience of the distance.  

SquareMeeting is an online meeting platform responding to the challenges of the quality of remote communication. It allows the animator to ask itself beforehand the right questions to create and structure its meeting in order to collaborate with success.   

SquareMeeting : an alternative solution to transform the experience of your teams in meeting. 


Much more than just an online conference tool!

Efficient and structured meetings : 

  • Secure access to a virtual room 
  • Structured agenda
  • Speech regulation 
  • Timing of steps
  • Inclusion features
  • Voting and positioning tool
  • Individual and collective note taking
  • No video for a better concentration
  • Private chat with the animator
  • Continuous improvement metrics
  • Collaborative report

Who ?


SquareMeeting is for the collective: teams, learner groups, peer groups, expert communities who wish to transform their remote collective times to find in a single tool the relationship, the proximity and the efficiency. 



You are a manager, a project manager, a collaborator in a team, you are looking for a meeting tool which improves the quality and efficiency of your remote communications ? 

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