The platform is built by animators to allow animators to extend their offer and allow them to animate remotely their Professional Codevelopment Groups. 

The Codevelopment's group : learn by its peers

The approach

The method allows group of peers and skills communities to improve their practice by the collective intelligence resolution of real professional situations experimented by the attendees. The group contributes to help the project initiator and share its experience and vision. 

How to set it up

The groups are animated by a facilitator trained in the method who regulates the discussion and  ensures that the conditions of benevolence, listening, non-judgment and confidentiality are implemented for the security of each attendee. 

The results

Everyone receives help on real professional situations, projects, problems, concerns and improve its practice by a better attitude of detachment and the support of a mutual aid community. 

From the first session, the attendees leave with answers, serenity and motivation.  

The benefits of the distance

The remote codevelopment doesn’t delete the relevance of face-to-face but offers a different and complementary approach.  It allows, remotely, to meet more regularly and on shorter times for more impact in the daily lives of attendees. 


trained coachs for the use of the solution


Users in the world

Our solution of online Codevelopment

Join a session of real online Codevelopment to experience the remote Codevelopment. 

The session takes place remotely for 1h30.  You will need a laptop with an internet connection and a telephone connection. 

The demo is a real session of Codevelopment. Each attendee connects with a problem to address: a project or a concern. 

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The choice of the subject

Each attendee presents, in the confidentiality and non-judgment of the group, a situation on which he wants help from the group. It’s a real situation and the unresolved on which the attendee wants to act. 

The group chooses a subject to deal with during the session among all the exposed subjects.

Exploring the situation

The person whose subject is chosen, present his situation without being interrupted.

As a first step, the attendees listen without making any intervention and then clarify for themselves  and the client, in asking comprehension questions. 

No solution at this step which forces the group to understand before wanted to intervene. 

The request and reformulation

The stage of questioning allows the client of the session to clarify its request. Everyone reformulates what it understands of the request. The group 

The group agrees on a session contract  and enters a contribution step.