I don’t know what is your point of view on this. But sometimes I have the impression of being tossed like a bottle in the sea in the waves. Time passes, deadlines dictate priorities and finally, we act, we do, without taking the time to stop to look.

I came across an advertisement where a stopwatch was triggered above a text: “take a few seconds to do nothing”. After 15 seconds, I was refocused. My breathing slowed down. My ideas were clear.

On reading this article, I suggest you take a deep breath to ask yourself a few questions, and who knows, see with another look, the year that has passed.

  1. Did I start the year with goals? If so, have I reached them? If I didn’t have a particular goal, who were those that unconsciously animated me?
  2. What are the small steps that I have taken? The projects that I have advanced? The ideas that have worked
  3. What new people have I met? What have they changed for me in my work, my outlook?
  4. What new dreams have emerged?
  5. What can I be proud of?
  6. Have I had a positive impact on a person or a project?
  7. What made me vibrate, touched strong emotions?
  8. Which animal would best represent my year?
  9. What do I need, right now, right now?
  10. Without what tomorrow will it not be possible?

I have the philosophy of small steps at heart. What does a single year represent compared to a lifetime? And yet, there are many things that are happening there. If we take the time to give them value and recognize them, they become more deeply rooted in us as an enriched base to continue to move forward.

If you would like to comment on the answer to any of these questions, I’d be happy to! Good introspection!

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